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About us

The WickBoss Candle Co. idea formed the summer of 2018. It officially started during fall 2019. I'm an actor and a marketing specialist that had a lot of free time and found a candle making class here in Los Angeles. The process was so calming and therapeutic. Then I started making candles to save money and have better ingredients. Made one for a family member, and they suggested I sell some and boom the idea was born.

The WickBoss name is about being a boss in everything you do. Light the fire in your life the same way you light your candle. Each candle refers to my personal experiences and lifestyle choices. I was always willing to help people and donate when I could. Each candle sold will donate a portion to a local charity or abroad. Myself being a dad wanted to show my daughter entrepreneurship. Which I believe is very important around these uncertain times in the job market.

WickBoss candles use a coconut wax blend. They are vegan and free from phthalates. The glass containers we provide are reusable. We use them as planters, and also drinking glasses. But you can find many uses which make us very sustainable. We are an eco-friendly company and take great pride in reducing the carbon footprint on the earth.

Lastly, we believe in the term affordable luxury. Our candles have a high end feel without hurting your pockets. And we are here to think outside the box and make our customer experience one of its kind. Remember to STAY LIT AND TRIM YOUR WICK!